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Sky Mesh Dish Freesat Kits

These 'sky' dishes are very popular. People often buy these shapes because they believe that the oval shape is what is needed for uk tv reception. Whilst they are good dishes, remember that there are other shape options available and your choice depends on not only aesthetics but your situation and what you are planning to receive.

Most satellite dishes come in one of two configurations. Either they are near-circular, or else they have a pronounced oval shape. Performance is more affected by surface area than by shape although the oval design has advantages when it comes to picking up multiple satellite signals.

Our dish sizes range from between 43 and 80 centimetres across. Our larger 'round' dishes do perform better because they are less vulnerable to rain fade and interference. If you have trees obsuring the satellite signal, then go for a dish size as large as you can get away with.

If you simply have a clear line of sight to the satellite and living inside fringe areas in the uk and onyl want to receive UK channels from the Astra 2 satellites, then you'll do great with one of these dishes. but if you want to receive channels from other satellites then you might want to consider a larger round dish. And there's a choice of colours then too.

If you cannot find a kit below with the exact configuration that you require you can use our Kit Builder to set up your very own kit by selecting the individual components that you need.
Go to the Satgear Satellite Dish Kit Builder HERE.