80cm Satellite Dish Kit inc HD Receiver + Fixing Pack + Satfinder + LNB and Cable (length options available)

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Product Highlights

  • Ideal kit for a Freesat self installation - simple to assemble and mount to your wall or pole
  • Includes one of our top quality HD Satellite receivers and HDMI cable
  • Great for receiving UK Freesat channels throughout the UK and many parts of Europe. Can also be used for SKY channels with your SKY receiver as well as many non UK satellites such as Hotbird, Polsat etc
  • Includes large wall mount and all the fixings you need. Options for LNB type, cable length and satfinder


Premium Quality, High Gain 80cm Satellite Dish Kit including an HD set top box receiver which includes all freesat channels and many more. You also have options to add a satfinder meter (highly recommended) and various cable lengths. This is a superb kit for the complete home setup, with everything you need to get up and running with Free satelllite TV. The kit also includes a high quality, high gain, 80cm satellite dish with brackets and fixings to enable wall or pole mounting.

The cable available in this kit is either single or 'twin' satellite cable depending on your LNB choice. If you choose a Twin or Quad LNB you'll receive twin cable (shotgun profile) to bring the signal from the dish to the receiver and to assist in the initial setting-up of the kit. We also provide a satfinder meter which will help you find the optimum dish setting. Everything is HD Ready.

A key highlight of this kit is the option for twin and quad LNB's which allows additional connections to other satellite set top boxes for multi room TV. eg - use with additional TV's/receivers in other living spaces in your home. If you are connecting to a standard receiver then the extra outputs on the LNB will allow you to connect other receivers for other rooms.

As well as being ideal for the main UK satellites, this kit can be used for many Eastern and Western European satellites, including Hotbird, Astra 19E, Astra 23E, Polsat and some other European satellites as well as satellites further afield like Nilesat. This is not an exhaustive list and depends on your exact location. It is also ideal for motorised setups for receiving signals from multiple satellites.

The base kit includes:

  • HD Satellite receiver preset up for all UK Freesat channels on Astra 2 as well as Astra 1, Polsat and other satellites. No need for channel scanning, out of the box ;)
  • Satgear 80cm High Gain Satellite dish
  • Single, Twin or Quad LNB (depending on option choice) HD Ready
  • Satfinder Meter with Connecting Cable (depending on option choice)
  • Black Single/Twin Satellite Cable (depending on option choice)
  • Dish Fixing Brackets
  • 40cm Wall Mount
  • 4 Heavy Duty Wall Bolts and Plugs

If you order cable with this kit you will receive the additional extras free of charge:

  • 15cm strip of self-amalgamating tape provided to finalise with a waterproof connection
  • Wall cover plate - colour terra cotta
  • Hole tidy cable grommet to stop cable chafing
  • 10 cable clips for every 10 metres of cable that you order
  • 4 x F-connectors (type delivered will be appropriate to your cable)
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