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The majority of Satgear customers fall into 2 brackets, either:
  • Caravan/camping enthusiasts who like to be able to watch TV on their travels OR
  • DIY'ers who want to set up their own satellite dish systems either to avoid exorbitant installer costs or simply because they would prefer the free TV viewing options such as Freeview or Free To Air instead of the high monthly costs of Sky.

  • We try our best to help our customers with up to date information for the kit systems that they purchase. For example, if you ever lose your instructions that come with each kit, help is just a phone call or email away.

    Are you travelling abroad?

    There have been very significant changes to receiving BBC and ITV channels because of the launch of the Astra 2E, 2F and 2G satellite beams. We have received lots of requests for advice from our customers on why they have lost signal in European areas. Essentially, the evidence shows that where you once needed a 60cm dish throughout France and parts of Europe, now the further east and south you go, a 60cm dish will no longer suffice so a replacement to an 80cm or bigger will often bring your channels back.Those that have noticed and reported the effects are British expats and caravanners living/travelling through the southern regions of France where you would have otherwise expected a 60cm dish to provide good signal. Click on the dish size guide below for more detail and what we have done at Satgear to help ensure your ability to watch UK TV throughout Europe on your travels.

    We have produced a few simple guides to show you how simple it can be to get TV both on the move or at home:


  • What kit do I need in simple terms?
  • Easyfind Explained
  • Quick Start guide for setting up my dish using EasyFind HD
  • How to use a signal meter (Satfinder)
  • Why should I buy a Satgear Premium Satellite Kit?
  • Dish Size Guide
  • How do I setup 2 TV's in my caravan or Motorhome using 1 satellite dish?
  • Contact our support team if you have any further questions