Vuesat EasyBEAM Premium Portable Flat Panel Satellite Dish Kit - Designed for use with your own AVTEX or OPTICUM TV (includes Easyfind)

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All new flat panel satellite dish kit for travel with completely new bracket design for 2019. The best quality portable satellite dish and tripod kits you can buy.

It's key feature is the compact size of only 44cm in diameter yet it is as powerful as and equivalent to a 65cm dish. Note that this kit requires that you already have a Sky digibox, Freesat receiver or one of our Free to Air receivers and your TV! If you have TV with Freesat built in that is also idea for this kit. 

 View the video of this kit here:

This is why you should choose a portable satellite kit for your caravanning/camping trips:

  • Perfect reception - even in the remotest of areas
  • Crystal clear picture - you won't believe the fantastic picture quality!
  • Quick to setup - our kits are pre-built and ready to go
  • Hundreds of free TV channels available
  • It's fully digital - no need to worry about the analogue switch-off

This is why you should choose a Satgear kit:

  • We make the best quality kits you can buy - we don't cut corners and we're fanatical about quality
  • All Satgear Premium kits come pre-built (and pre-tuned if your kit includes a receiver) - setup is as quick and easy as it gets! The kit comes in three sections that you just push together and tighten the knobs (no tools required).

This kit includes:

  • 44 cm (equivalent to a 65cm traditional dish size) top quality prime focus satellite 'flat' dish without the need for an LNB arm.
  • High Quality 0.1dB Easyfind SINGLE LNB - Fully High Definition ready (includes Easyfind satellite alignment system)
  • 10m high quality satellite coax cable with ready made sealed connectors
  • Window cable kit with an 8" flat cable and a 3m length cable all with fitted connectors - designed to run cable through a closed window and connect to the receiver/TV.
  • Strong aluminium satellite tripod with pegs for ground fixing if required
  • Satellite holdall - heavy duty for storing the entire kit
  • Full Satgear setup and dish alignment instructions

This kit is designed for use throughout the UK and Ireland and will also receive UK TV in northern France - from the Astra 2 satellites (for UK Free to Air and SKY channels). If you are travelling further than Mid France we recommend our 80cm kits, which will also take you just into Northern Spain for UK TV. NOte that the easyfind version of this kit is availble in the related products list. 

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