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What Dish Size Do I Need?

Most people from the UK want to receive the UK specific channels. These include the BBC and ITV channels as well as many more. These channels are broadcast on the Astra2 satellites.

Broadly speaking, the following applies as a rough guide:
  • 40cm dish suitcase kits cover England and Wales.
  • 54cm dishes covers all of the UK and Ireland but there are fringe areas where reception will be touch and go around the UK outline and highlands.
  • 65cm dishes additionally covers the UK fully and northern France as far as Paris, much of the Benelux and into west Germany.
  • 78/80cm dishes extend coverage into Southern France. Nothing is promised for any part of Spain for the main UK channels! You may also get coverage in the Algarve in Portugal where there is a satellite 'hotspot'. You will find that whilst you may lose some of the main UK channels, there are many others that will be available throughout Europe including Spain via the Astra 2 European satellite beam.   Our 80cm kits are designed for use throughout the UK and Ireland, the Benelux countries, All of France and into Northern Spain (for selected UK TV channels) - from the Astra 2 satellites (for UK Free to Air and SKY channels). Note that there are hotspots in the South France where only certain UK TV channels are available with an 80cm dish. The South France is on the fringe for UK TV so in this region, some channels are definitely available but not necessarily the main UK channels such as BBC and ITV. So, for the main channels it's a bit of pot luck in Southern France and beyond.
  • Throughout Spain and Europe, some people access the main channels (BBC and ITV) via the BBC Satback system broadcast on the Intelsat 907 27.5W satellite. Whilst it is possible to access that system with many receivers such as the Micro SE on this website that system is not intended for public use, designed as a backup system for Freeview broadcasting.  So with that receiver we offer a 'UKEU' configuration for English speaking channels throughout Europe via the Astra2 European Beam. That receiver is found here.

When considering your satellite kit purchase with Satgear, you will want to think about the following:

1. What is the furthest destination that I intend to travel in the next few years? The broad options are a) England and Wales, b) across the UK including Ireland the Scottish Highlands and Northern France, c) Mid and Southern France, d) Rest of Europe.

2. What channels would I like to receive? The reason that this question is important as mentionede above particularly if you are travelling into Northern Spain and beyond. Our largest dish kit is 80cm. Anything larger is generally considered too large for portable use when considering available storage space in your van along with general assembly etc. However, all is not lost! With Satgear, you can travel throughout Europe receiving many other English/UK channels to keep you entertained in the evenings. For this years holiday season we have prepared our Premium Easyfind receivers with an easily selectable special list of English channels available throughout Europe. These include channels for movies, shopping, religion and of course some major network news channels - all selectable at the touch of a button.

3. Do I have time and sometimes patience available to assemble and set up my kit? If yes, then you can save yourself some cash buying a Satgear Value kit. The components are great and you'll need to follow instructions carefully. Otherwise you can take out  - time and hastle by selecting a Satgear Premium kit. The Premium kits come with Easyfind and a simple 3 step process to get up and running.

If you need any further help feel free to contact Satgear.