Easyfind Bluetooth Smartmeter (with app for your mobile phone)

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Product Highlights

  • Save time - convert any satellite system to EASYFIND
  • Connects with your smartphone app both Android and Apple IOS
  • Know which satellite you align your dish to
  • Find any satellite
  • Use out the box - Choose to use independently of the app and without being connected to a receiver - select one of 8 satellites at the touch of a button (default set to the UK astra 2)

Typically when you align your satellite dish with a Satfinder, often is the case that your meter shows a great signal only to find no picture on your screen. And the reason for that is because you've aligned to the wrong satellite. WELL NOT ANYMORE!

Now with the BT Easyfind Meter from Satgear, you can have the benefits of Easyfind with any of our kits.This game changing product WORKS WITH ANY SATELLITE KIT and will indicate via the app on your mobile phone screen which satellite you are aligned to. So, when you go back to your TV you won't see the 'no signal' message, you'll see a live channel. Frustrations over!

Another key feature is the information on your screen for elevation and direction settings (Azimuth) for any location that you are in. No need to look up charts anymore.

Simply align your dish and let the app tell you which satellite you have connected to.

The Easyfind Satfinder Meter connects to your phone via bluetooth and works with any smartphone - both Iphones and Android phones and comes packed with a usb charge cable included.

Some of the other benefits of the meter include a basic operation screen (perfect for most users) and an advanced menu. The basic screen allows you to select the satellite (UK's Astra 2 is selected by default) along with an indication of the elevation and azimuth reference points for your location. It also indicates the satellite you align the dish to as well as the signal strength. The advanced menu allows you to change transponder settings, LNB type, compass display, and much more...

For the operation, you'll follow these simple steps:

1. Charge the unit for a few minutes before use via USB (or connect the stb connection to your set top box via the long length of sat cable)
2. Connect the top meter connection to the lnb at the dish and power on the device.
3. Launch the app on your phone and click the 'connect' button' (see app links below). Leave the satellite setting for Astra 2 or change to your preferred satellite.
4. Align your dish until the signal quality increases to it's peak and the satellite name is indicated in the 'found satellite' section on the screen.

- And that's it! Go watch TV.

To download for an Android phone click here

To get the iphone app - Search the Iphone app store for EasyfindBT or go here

*Note that this smart meter will work correctly with all receivers except for SkyQ. The solution for SkyQ is to simply use a single LNB for alignment to Astra 2 then swap over to the SkyQ LNB when aligned.

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