What is Satgear EasyFind?

Satgear is the approved distributor and home of Easyfind in the UK. Now, with just one simple click from the remote control you can switch the receiver and LNB into Easyfind mode for quick dish alignment. At the heart of the system is the satellite receiver with both 12 & 240v inputs plus HDMI for quality TV connectivity and USB for pausing and recording your favourite shows. Easyfind comes as standard in our Premium kits (where the receiver option is chosen) and an optional upgrade to any of the other kits we offer.

Benefits of the Satgear Easyfind system:
  • More simplified satellite dish alignment. It now takes just one click to activate Easyfind. The LNB's 'traffic light' flashing system directs you to point the dish with speed, ease and absolute accuracy to the UK satellite (Astra 2 setup by default but other satellites can easily be set up also).
  • To speed up your setup, we individually pre-tune the receiver so it arrives with it's new owner with all the key channels saved, including the full set of Freesat channels, ready to be watched 'out of the box'.
  • An output via HDMI allowing much improved sound and video allowing connection to TVs with an HDMI input whilst also retaining a separate SCART output for use when preferred.
  • A USB port means that you can pause or record and go and put the kettle on. With the aid of a memory stick you can watch your favourite shows again at your leisure.
  • An extended satellite selection list, increasing the satellites that are pre-set into the receiver from 9 to 30. This gives the user access to thousands more channels across Europe.

Satgear Easyfind combines the most comprehensive channel selection with the simplest system setup. Our aim at Satgear is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that you will spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time trying to setup your TV reception.

How it Works

It works by using the Easyfind Satellite Receiver and the matching Easyfind LNB (which is the gizmo on the end of the dish arm that collects the satellite signal and sends it to the receiver). The receiver sends the satellite information to the LNB, which then shows the status of the satellite signal using a three-colour LED light. When you’re properly aligned to the satellite, the light glows green and you’re all done! It can literally take seconds, or at the most, minutes.

This is how the setup process works:
  1. On the receiver you activate the Easyfind system to start flashing.
  2. You set the elevation of the dish according to your location (usually the dish will be vertical to the ground) and point the dish roughly South.
  3. The light on the LNB will flash red, then rotate the dish towards the East (left) until the light glows yellow (meaning you’re close), then slowly continue until it it flashes green (meaning you are almost there) and then when it glows permanently green you’re locked onto the satellite with a nice strong signal.
  4. Tighten the nuts on the satellite tripod/mount and you’re done! The whole process should take a couple of minutes at the most.
In summary, this is what Satgear Easyfind means to you:
  • Quick, easy setup of your dish kit every time
  • No technical understanding required
  • No need for a Satfinder meter
  • No compass bearings needed (just roughly where South is)

    We love it!