Freesat Zone 1 40cm Satellite Dish Kit including HD Receiver preset with all UK Channels (with Satfinder and cable length options)

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Ideal kit for a Freesat self installation - simple to assemble and mount to your wall or a pole

Includes one of our top quality HD satellite receivers and HDMI cable

Great for receiving UK TV Freesat Channels for people living throughout England and Wales (does not include Scotland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland or Ireland)

Includes wall mount and all the fixings you need. Options for cable length and Satfinder

A fast assembly solution with HD receiver for receiving UK TV Freesat channels in the mainland UK (England Scotland and Wales, excluding the Highlands).

Very simple to assemble and mount to the wall with the supplied wall bolts and wall mount which is included with the base kit.

Note: The base kit comes with dish, all bracketry, wall bolts and Single LNB and HD receiver but does not include cable and other fixings and finishings. The HD Receiver has as single connection and includes PVR functions for recording. Please select from the options above for your required cable length. You may also be planning to mount the dish up to a pole instead of the wall. If so nothing extra is required for the pole mounting (except for the pole!).

Also note that this dish/receiver kit is suitable for servicing a single TV. You may want a multi-room solution. If so then take a look at our Freesat Multi-room kits which offer more varied options for cable/LNB and receiver types. However, if you want to watch one tv in one room, then this kit is a good option.

To align the dish to the satellite you will need a satfinder which will also save you a LOT of time. Its a tricky task without one. (If you don't have one already, the extra few pounds is money well spent).

Ideal for Sky+ or Freesat self installation. HD Ready. This base kit includes the compact single LNB, along with brackets and bolts for wall mounting and you have options for various cable lengths to suit your needs. The solid dish has a high gain and provides fantastic performance with no signal loss. The brackets couldn't be easier to assemble. You won't need to refer to the instructions ;) The kit components are matched for guaranteed performance.

We also include our Satgear alignment instructions and setup diagram. The dish is a Zone 1 class, not guaranteed to work in Northern Scotland or Ireland, if you need a larger dish solution in this style then look for its slightly larger 60cm zone 2 'cousin' on our site.

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