Quick Start Guide for setting up my dish using the M310plus HD EasyFind Receiver

This guide applies after everything is set up and connected with no obstacles between the dish and the satellite.

Note that the receiver has been pre-tuned for the UK channels and ready to use out of the box following these simple steps:


1. Connect the optional remote control sensor (infrared extender jack plug) by pushing it into the IR socket in the back of the receiver, (only necessary if you want to hide your receiver in a cupboard)

2. Switch the receiver on and wait for ‘no signal’ to appear on the screen.

3. Press the info button on the remote (just above the zero) twice in succession to get to the channel status screen. Here there is an option to activate Easy Find. (see last paragraph below)

4. Turn Easyfind ON by pressing the red button (bottom left on the remote).

5. The light will now be flashing red on the LNB. Align the dish by setting the elevation first* then rotate it slowly from South to East until the light changes to flashing green then solid green.

Quick tips…
* The elevation (angle of the dish) varies depending on your location. As a rough guide, it should be around 20 degrees in the north of the UK and 25 degrees in the south. In Paris it should be around 29 degrees. The elevation needs to be set by trial and error. When you perform the rotation of the dish from South towards East, if the light doesn’t change to green then change your elevation by one degree and try again. A tip is to start lower than you expect.

The LNB needs to be ‘skewed’ clockwise (when you are facing the dish with your back to the satellite) by roughly 8-10mm
You’ll be watching TV in no time and you can give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve found the satellite all by yourself with a little help from Satgear ;)

When you have your picture, remember to turn Easy Find off by repeating steps 3 and 4. Use the Exit button to move to a previous screen.