Opticum LED 20" 12/240V Volt HD TV with built-in Satellite and Terrestrial receiver WITH EASYFIND

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Satgear are proud to be the main UK suppliers of the Opticum 20" HD 12/240 Volt TV for travel. Now with Easyfind and at an amazing new price.

This is a fantastic HD quality TV and now with a built in Easyfind Receiver so it will work with any of our Premium Satellite Dish Kits without the need to purchasse an easyfind kit with a receiverreceiver. See RELATED PRODUCTS on this page adjacent to this listing for compatible kits.

The resolution is stunningly sharp. You don't have to worry about having lots of wires because it comes with a built in Satellite receiver as well as an aerial receiver so you can use it with either your satellite dish or aerial, whichever you prefer. You can also connect the TV to either a 12v or 240 volt power source.

The built satellite tuner (receiver) has been fully pre-tuned by Satgear for UK Freesat channels as well as Digital radio. And now its delivered with Easyfind built in so All you have to do is ensure your dishkit has an Easyfind LNB and then you have an Easyfind system and you'll be watching the UK Freesat Channels in minutes.

Other benefits of this TV solution are:
LED - very lightweight infact only 1650 grams in total.
Connect other devices to the TV via Scart or HDMI and even VGA or component (YPbPr). You can even use it as a high Resolution computer monitor. 
16:9 Widescreen
Tripple Tuner - DVBT/T2/C/S2
HD Resolution - 1366x768

You may wish to mount on a bracket. This is possible with the VESA standard mounting options on the back of the TV.

It's an amazing TV and the perfect combination to go with a Satgear portable Satellite dish. 

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