Satgear Premium Kits

Premium Portable Satellite Dish Kits for Caravans, Motorhome and Camping

Many of our customers ask us the difference between the premium kits and the standard kits. Simply put, you get quality throughout and attention to detail in the kit build. The advantages can be summarised as follows:

- All Premium Satgear Satellite Kits are pre-built.

- All Premium Satgear Satellite Kits are HD Ready (with EASYFIND if you choose a kit with a receiver).

- A Quality Satgear Padded bag is included with all premium kits. (They are an additional purchase from here with standard kits).

- Support is available at the end of the phone. (Customers with standard kits are still supported by email).

- Materials used in the premium kits are selected for their quality.


Note that if you have an Avtex satellite ready TV - you're advised to purchase one of the kits below that specifies 'Avtex' in the title or see them here. These kits come ready to pair with Easyfind built into All Avtex DRS TV's

If you want to read on to know some more detail of the advantages of purchasing a Premium Kit here are some more pointers

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