Satgear Beam60 Standard Portable 60cm Zone 2 Satellite Dish Kit with Options for Receiver, Satfinder and SINGLE/TWIN LNB

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Product Highlights

  • High definition satellite kit - ideal for camping or caravan trips or boating on a canal, river or the sea
  • Includes a compact 60cm Zone 2 dish suitable for use throughout the whole of the UK (including Scotland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, NI and Ireland)
  • Ideal for mounting on the tripod which is included with this kit. The tripod is collapsible for stowing away yet very strong and sturdy when erected. Pegs are provided for securing it to the ground if desired. It has a specially designed neck which allows total rotation of the dish making it very easy to align with the satellite and then you just tighten the head.
  • Has options for LNB type (Single or Twin), Satfinder and HD 12v/240v receiver

Satgear BEAM60 Compact 60cm Satellite Dish Kit with Sturdy Tripod and options for Satfinder, Receiver and Single/Twin LNB - ideal for camping/caravan trips.

This is a great quality compact satellite dish and tripod kit to receive satellite channels using your own receiver and TV. It contains everything you need to get up and running in no time.  Ideal for caravanning and camping trips when you have your own Sky or Freesat box or choose the optional HD receiver if required.

This kit includes a Zone 2 dish, which will work throughout the UK for UK channels from the Astra 2 satellites (for UK Free to Air and SKY channels). It will work in the Scottish Highlands(throughout Scotland) and Ireland. The dish is a very high quality, Zone 2 dish with a tripod mounting for very easy setup and satellite alignment.

The dish is small and lightweight, so it has a low wind profile making it ideal for mounting on our compact tripod for a discrete satellite setup. The tripod is collapsible and very solid when erected. It is a purpose-designed compact satellite dish tripod. It has a specially designed neck to allow unrestricted rotation of the satellite dish independent of the base, so it's easy to line up the dish and then to be tightened at the head. It also has holes and pegs for anchoring it to the ground.

This kit (before optional extras) includes:

  • 60cm top quality steel satellite zone 2 dish
  • Single LNB HD Ready
  • 10m high quality satellite coax cable with fitted connectors
  • Strong compact and sturdy satellite tripod with pegs for ground fixing if required
  • Full Satgear satellite alignment instructions
  • Flat window cable kit for feeding the satellite cable through a closed window or door

Optional Extras include:

  • Satfinder with connecting cable
  • Twin LNB for using with your Skyplus box or Twin Tuner (eg Humax Foxsat)
  • 12v/240v HD receiver
  • 12v Power adapter (see related items)

The Satfinder

Using the Satgear Satfinder makes it very easy to align to the satellite. You may already have a satfinder in which case select the 'no satfinder option' but note that a satfinder is an essential piece of kit for aligning your dish to receive a picture on your TV.


Choose from either a single for a twin LNB. If you are intending to use your own Skybox then you'll want to choose the twin LNB option (if your receiver is the sky 'plus' box. The twin LNB will mean that you can use your 'plus' features in your skybox to record etc. Same applies if you have a freesat twin tuner. Otherwise select the single LNB option. 

The Receiver

The HD receiver is optional and available from the choices above. It can be used with either the 240v or 12v adpater (both included). The Opticum AX150 HD receiver includes an LED display, HD cable, 12v and 240v adapters, remote control and comes preset with the UK channels ready to go. If you choose this receiver you'll need to select the single LNB unless you are planning to use with a second TV/receiver in which case choose the twin LNB option as well.

The Tripod

This kit is now supplied with the deluxe tripod normally reserved for our Premium kits. When erected the tripod stands at a variable height from 1m up to 1.5m.

Window Cable Kit

As an added bonus there is a flat window cable kit supplied with this kit which enables you to feed the satellite cable through a closed window or door so you can avoid those drafty nights. There is now no extra charge for this additional very useful piece of kit !


When stowing the kit after it has been assembled the first time, you'll see that it comes apart into two pieces - the tripod and dish assembly, as shown in the images. The total weight of the kit is less than 4.0kg, so it is very lightweight.

On The Move

This Satgear kit is ideal as a budget satellite system for use throughout the UK including the Highlands and Ireland and Northern France. You can set it up quickly and easily on your caravanning weekends away.

And to make your life as easy as possible whilst away on your break, we've produced and included a complete set of instructions for dish alignment and setting up for a great signal.

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