Satgear Portable EasyFind Upgrade Kit with HD Receiver and LNB for caravan TV

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Satgear EasyFind Satellite Receiver Upgrade Kit - HDMI/SCART/USB PVR ready receiver complete with EasyFind LNB. With the new Satgear EasyFind upgrade kit we have produced the ideal Free-to-Air Satellite Receiver for portable (or home) use. With the power options to use on the mains or 12v, you can use this receiver in the home or out on the road to watch hundreds of UK channels. This receiver also has a PVR function so you can record and replay TV programmes on a USB drive. This kit includes the Easyfind HD receiver which works in conjunction with the EasyFind LNB supplied. This system offers huge benefits, especially for portable users. Every time you set up your dish, the EasyFind LNB indicates when the dish is aligned to the satellite you are tuning into by a traffic light system which indicates how close you are when aligning to the satellite. It's a brilliant system that makes setting up much quicker and easier for everyone, even the most non-technical person can set up a dish with EasyFind!
Special features:

  • No contract or monthly subscriptions required
  • Receive hundreds of free-to-air digital channels including all HD broadcasts
  • HD output for high quality digital connectivity
  • USB slot with full recording capabilities, live pause, forward and rewind of live TV
  • Preloaded/setup with UK channels and satellites to simplify installation process
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