Satgear Premium High Definition 40cm Portable Suitcase Satellite Kit with Easyfind 12/240v HD Receiver

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Product Highlights

  • Incredibly compact and designed for portable use
  • Incudes full easyfind system - no satfinder required
  • Comes with everything required
  • Stow it away under the seat!
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Pre-tuned for UK channels

High Definition Suitcase Satellite Kit - receiving Full 1080p HD channels loud and clear. The SK40EHD is a suitcase satellite kit designed to be utilised on the road, while camping, motorhome touring, caravaning or even on a boat. It has so many unique features which make it the ideal travel companion. Whether you are in a caravan, camping or on a boat, if you need entertainment, then make sure you have the SK40EHD to give you full free-to-air satellite television It features the Easyfind system which makes setting up so simple. It indicates when the dish is aligned to the satellite you are tuning into so, even if you are not the most technical person, you will be relaxing, watching the TV in no time. The SK40EHD features:

  • A strong and robust sucker mount
  • 10 Metre Coax Cable with F Connectors
  • Alternative mounting and display options, for use in a caravan, boat and mobile home
  • EASYFIND receiver with HDMI output for high definition digital connectivity
  • Full recording ability through use of USB slot
  • Preloaded with All UK Freesat channels, ready to go out of the box
  • No contract or monthly subscriptions required

The HD Easyfind receiver also includes a 12v and a 240v adapter as well as Full Easyfind setup instructions.

Whether you are in a caravan, a motor home, a boat or even a lorry, you can have a full range of digital channels with the HD Receiver. There is no need to ever be without great entertainment. The SK40EHD also comes pre-tuned, and with the EasyFind, it couldn't be simpler. Please note that this kit is designed for use in the UK. There are reports of the kit working throughout Scotland but you might want to consider a larger dish if travelling through northern Scotland just to be sure of a good signal.

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