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Satgear Quick Setup for 2 x TV's in a Caravan or Motorhome Using a Splitter

We often get asked the question - which is the quickest and easiest way to set up 2 TV's in my caravan/motorhome with one satellite dish? So we've created a kit which makes this possible with all the cabling necessary. Then you just need to purchase an additional receiver for the second TV (unless it has a satellite receiver built in).


This splitter kit is available here and includes the following:


1 x 2 way Satgear satellite splitter
1 x 10m satellite cable
2 x window cable kits
1 x short 1m satellite cable for external connection (included but may not be required)
1 x short 1m satellite cable for internal connection (included but may not be required)

All cables are pre-made with connectors already fitted.


If you require custom length cables, please contact us.  Anything is possible.


The diagram below assumes that you have an external satellite connection on your van. If you do not then you'll simply use the 2nd additional window cable kit included.




Satgear Splitter diagram for 2 TV's in a caravan or motorhome