The Satgear Warranty

One of the great benefits of buying from Satgear is the peace of mind.

Satgear provide great quality kits ranging from Standard through to Premium. Satgear Standard kits carry a 12 months full parts replacement warranty due to faulty workmanship. Of course Satgear cannot guarantee against user error or accidental damage but other than that a replacement part is just an email or phone call away. So long as your order is on our system, you are covered.

The 2 year warranty comes as standard for all our Premium kits. And for extra peace of mind, you can upgrade your warranty to either an additional 1 year, 2 years or 3 years by buying the 'warranty' product available on the site or by completing the form in your instruction booklet and returning it to the address provided.

What is covered?

If your kit fails within the warranty period and if it is not resolvable with telephone support, you can return the kit at your expense and Satgear will take care of the faults and return the kit back to you in fully working condition with either replacement parts, or a full replacement of the kit depending on the failure.  Satgear will meet the return costs to get it back to you. Satgear will not quibble with you if it is a simple case of user error. This does not affect your statutory rights. For example, if it is determined by Satgear that there is a fault with the product when you first receive the goods after your purchase, Satgear will take care of all shipping arrangements for both the collection and the return. The same applies to damage in transit but in these two cases it must be reported to Satgear immediately upon inspection or first use of the goods and also to the courier driver if there are visible signs of damage to the packaging.

What is not covered?

Note that Satgear cannot cover rusty parts caused through scratches during installation, through poor care and neglect, misuse or through wear and tear. The customer must be able demonstrate that a duty of care has been demonstrated throughout the life of the warranty period in order to proceed with a warranty claim.