Portable satellite TV solutions making the technical - simple

Satgear is a company that has created, built and supplied portable Satellite TV solutions for over a decade. Helping those who Caravan; Camp; have Motorhomes or Boats to have an easy and headache free experience of watching TV when they are out and about!

We have the expertise to ‘make the technical simple!’

With more trade enquiries over recent months we have decided to produce and supply the same excellent Satgear products and services to Caravan and Camping dealers as well as other carefully selected suppliers within the travel and leisure marketplace. Anywhere that our products can offer simple solutions for your customers!

Our range of products is designed to ensure that holiday makers spend time enjoying their holiday rather than wasting it trying to resolve a wonky TV signal.

Of course we ensure that spares and accessories are also available.

In the event that you need any help, you can be confident that it's just a phone call away. Additionally, the Satgear Trade support line is not only for you the supplier but equally for the end user so you don't need to worry about after sales support. Satgear takes care of it all providing very clear instructions on how to contact the support technicians if your customer needs any help.

We welcome all enquiries - Feel free to call us for a chat on 01428 404400. You could be ordering today and receiving kit tomorrow without even paying a penny :)