Satgear Trade Pricing Explained

Once you have registered for a ‘Satgear Trade’ account you are not far away from becoming a privileged dealer of Vuesat Products! In no time at all we will have your account approved and you will be able to ‘Log In’ to view our products more closely along with our Special Pricing Levels – everyone likes to get a great deal!


Note that the price you see before Log In is the retail price used by Satgear and Online Retailers.


When you Log In as a dealer you will still see the Retail Price displayed on each product but you'll also see that this is accompanied by ‘Dealer Tiered Pricing’ (based on quantities ordered).


You will find that the margins you can achieve provide terrific incentives to:


Offer competitive pricing


Make frequent visits to Satgear Trade to reorder


Even buying single items will be very worthwhile.


We look forward to ‘Welcoming you on board’