Satgear Premium 80cm High Definition Portable Satellite Dish Kit with Easyfind HD

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Product Highlights

  • Supplied with the Easyfind System comprising Easyfind HD set top box and indicating LNB
  • Pre-built, almost ready to go
  • Perfect reception with crystal clear picture
  • Use throughout the UK and many parts of Europe
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Many extras included


Please note that this kit is no longer available with the folding arm dish and is now supplied with the pre-assembled Satgear 80cm dish with pushfit LNB arm which is also designed for portable use.

This is one of our Satgear Premium kits - The best quality portable satellite dish and tripod kits you can buy. This kit has everything you need to watch TV while you're away from home, except the TV of course!

This is why you should choose a portable satellite kit for your caravanning/camping trips:

  • Perfect reception - even in the remotest of areas
  • Crystal clear picture - you won't believe the fantastic picture quality!
  • Quick to setup - our kits are pre-built and ready to go
  • Hundreds of free TV channels available
  • It's fully digital - no need to worry about the analogue switch-off

This is why you should choose a Satgear kit:

  • We make the best quality kits you can buy - we don't cut corners and we're fanatical about quality
  • All our Premium kits are pre-built and pre-tuned - setup is as quick and easy as it gets!
  • The Easyfind system allows you to line up your dish in seconds
  • Freephone support - you can call us for FREE should you need us, our friendly support staff are here to help
  • We provide a full 2 year warranty

This 80 cm Satgear Premium Easyfind High Definition kit includes:

  • High Definition Easyfind 12v/240v portable satellite receiver/set top box.
  • 80cm top quality satellite dish with robust folding arm and easy-align bracket
  • An Easyfind 0.1dB LNB (full High Definition ready)
  • 10m high quality satellite coax cable with ready made sealed connectors
  • Window cable kit with an 8" flat cable and a 3m length cable all with fitted connectors - designed to run cable through a closed window and connect to the receiver/TV.
  • Strong aluminium satellite tripod with pegs for ground fixing if required
  • Padded satellite holdall - heavy duty for storing and protecting the dish and components. Note that the tripod is stored separately outside of the bag to ensure the dish is protected for future use.
  • Full Satgear setup and dish alignment instructions

The EASYFIND system means that setting up is incredibly simple - it literally takes seconds! Just select the Astra 2 satellite with the remote, then rotate the dish until the LED light on the LNB turns green. That's it!!! It also means there's no need to setup and use a satfinder meter. It couldn't be simpler.

The Easyfind LNB is ultra low-noise at 0.1dB, which means that it is more sensitive producing a higher quality picture even on the fringe of the satellite footprint.

All Satgear Premium kits are pre-built and pre-tuned. The kit comes in three sections - you just push together and tighten the knobs (no tools required). This kit includes the Easyfind receiver which has been pre-tuned to the Astra 2 UK satellite to ensure there's no channel scanning required and the picture comes up the moment you point the dish at the satellite.

This 80cm kit is designed for use throughout the UK and Ireland, the Benelux countries, All of France and into Northern Spain (for selected UK TV channels) - from the Astra 2 satellites for UK Free to Air channels (and SKY channels if you use your own Sky receiver). Note that there are hotspots in the South France where only certain UK TV channels are available with an 80cm dish. The South France is on the fringe for UK TV so in this region, some channels are definitely available but not necessarily the main UK channels such as BBC and ITV. There are also several English channels that can be received much further South into Spain which are pre-programmed into the receiver.

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