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Wasting too much time trying to get a TV signal?

Want to watch TV anywhere in your caravan or motorhome?

Using expensive monthly Internet data - e.g. by streaming TV  iPlayer?

Watch Live TV anywhere on any device
with the Vuesat smartbeam™ fully automatic satellite system

Don't miss any of your favourite programmes and don't let remote areas hold you back. Watch TV anywhere, even in those many places that are without the Internet or TV connectivity. The smartbeam™ makes it possible to watch Live channels on your TV in the normal way via a satellite cable connection. But it is much more than a SELF SEEKING automatic satellite dish for your TV...

The smartbeam™ can stream Live satellite TV, at the time it is being broadcast, to any of your other devices - giving you more freedom to watch TV anywhere in your caravan or motorhome, not just in the living space where your TV is actually located. 


Instant Viewing

Are you fed up with taking so much time setting up your TV in your caravan or motorhome every time you go away? The smartbeam™ is ready to go in less time than it takes to make a cuppa.

In the phone app, select Astra 2 and press GO. That's it !

Stream TV Without Using The Internet - Why Pay For Data?

The smartbeam™ is not only used in areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Use it even in areas where you might otherwise use your phone internet data to stream TV. Why pay for data when you don't need to? With the smartbeam there are no ongoing monthly costs.


Easy setup, Stream TV to your device...

The smartbeam™ is controlled via your phone app. So there is no internal control box wiring to be done at all. The smartbeam™ stands independently, designed to make your life simple :)

...or view on your TV, it's your choice

The smartbeam™ is a portable and fully automatic system which can be positioned on your vehicle roof, on the ground, bonnet, table or anywhere else. One power cable is all that's required, either via the mains power cable or just the sat cable itself for connecting to your TV in the conventional way.

Pay Nothing For 30 Days This Month

The smartbeam™ is supplied exclusively by Satgear and this month we are making it available with nothing to pay for 30 days...

Future Proof

We thrive on recommendations from our customers.  Our developers are always working on improvements to the app functionality and from time to time, a new software release is made available. Software is updated to the smartbeam™ via the app and app updates themselves are also timely. Perfection is our quest.

For the Road

When you are done and ready to move on, the included padded case will keep the kit safe, until your next adventure.

Robust Construction

Designed to be durable, the smartbeam™ is made using the highest standards of workmanship and with the best materials for performance that lasts. The mechanisms are built with metal gears and precision components which ensure that this technology product operate almost silently.

We've got you covered

Satgear's warranty details are simple. If anything goes wrong with the system, Satgear offers a no quibble service/repair and return back to customer process, free of charge for as long as the smartbeam™ is in warranty. The standard warranty is 2 years and upgradeable to 5.

Customer Comments

Satgear has partnered with Klarna to help to make your purchase simple and pain free without having to pay a penny for 30 days and a choice to spread the cost over 3 interest free payments...