The Smartbeam is much more than a
SELF-SEEKING automatic satellite dish for your TV

Watch UK channels on  your TV or 'In App' on your phone or tablet. No 4g/5g data streaming costs at all !

As seen on 

TV everywhere

Watch Live 'In app'

Fast 'In-app' control

Built to last

Future Proof

Full support

Do you wish that you could have an instant TV signal everywhere?


Everywhere on your travels


How frustrating is it when you just can't tune in your TV or when it seems to take forever to get that signal when you are in a location in the middle of nowhere? Do you suffer from 'remote location frustration' because you can't get a TV picture in the normal way (either through an aerial or over WiFi. The smartbeam™ makes that a thing of the past. Get a much sharper clearer constant picture everywhere you go with the smartbeam™ and without using any sim card data whatsover. as if you were in your own home.

Would you like to watch Live TV in any room?


Anywhere in your caravan/motorhome

Now you can watch TV in the normal way using the satellite cable connection but also,  in a completely new way. With 'IN APP' Live TV viewing, you can watch satellite TV at the time it is being broadcast, on any of your other devices.  Watch TV in the device app (phone, tablet or laptop) - giving you more freedom to watch TV anywhere in your caravan, motorhome, awning etc, not just in the living space where your TV is actually located. 

Is it that simple?

3 STEPS, That's it!

1 Plug it in / start the app

2 The UK satellite - (Astra 2) is selected by default so just hit GO

3 Wait for the antenna to find the satellite (30 seconds tops!). The smartbeam™ is ready to go in less time than it takes to make a cuppa.

Is it built to last?


Designed to be durable, the smartbeam™ is made using the highest standards of workmanship and with the best materials for performance that lasts.

So you can be confident that the smartbeam™ will be fine left outside in the elements while you are cozy indoors.

Does the app ever need updating?

Future Proof

Our developers are always working on improvements to the app functionality and user interface. From time to time, a new app update is made available via the app store free of charge. Drivers for the smartbeam™ are also updated via the app. 

Is customer support as good as they say?

We've got you covered

Satgear has been trading for many years and receives 5 star reviews not only on the website but on Google, Amazon and Ebay as well as other caravan websites and forums.

Satgear offers a no quibble service/repair and return back to customer promise, free of charge for as long as the smartbeam™ is in warranty. The standard warranty is 2 years and upgradeable to 5. Here are just a few smartbeam™ feedback comments copied below...

Everybody Loves the smartbeam™

Frequently Asked Questions

The Smartbeam costs vary from £995.00 to £1119.95 depending on the option that you want to buy. If you have a steel walled motorhome, we recommend the Smartbeam-Plus which adds a special booster to the configuration and makes watching TV on your Ipad or tablet a breeze. If you think you are going to use your TV mainly, then you won't need to choose this option. Note it is also possible to watch TV on your device without this additional device.

For more information please don't hesitate call us on 01428 404400 and we'll be happy to clarify any questions for you over the phone. You'll find a very friendly and approachable bunch at Satgear.

The following items are included with the standard kit:

  •  The smartbeam™
  •  Sturdy padded carry case
  •  Mains plug adapter
  •  12v plug cigarette style adapter
  •  Extention power lead 10m
  •  10m Satellite cable and pushfit connectors for ease of use
  •  Compass (not required but can be useful)
  •  Laptop app software (not required for standard operation)
  •  Laminated quick start guide
  •  Advanced instruction booklet

The smartbeam™ comes with both a quick start guide and a more detailed booklet. It works very simply out of the box. but if, for example, you want to watch satellite TV on your laptop, then you'll refer to the instruction booklet.  

The app is completely free from both the Android Playstore and the Apple ios App Store. Why not download it now and take a look at it - you don't need a smartbeam™ to open the app.

Your phone app connects to the smartbeam™ over bluetooth. All controls are managed over that bluetooth connection.  If you want to watch TV in the app, the smartbeam™ establishes a wireless connection which is not in any way connected to 3g/4g. It does not use any data on your phone at all. 

Connection to your own TV is made via a satellite cable connected from the smartbeam™to your TV - and with it's twin connection capability, the smartbeam can even connect to your Sky+HD box. If you need a twin cable, just let us know and we'll supply it free of charge.

The smartbeam™ is designed to be fully portable so you can use it in any location and move it to avoid obstacles. This has many advantages over being fixed permanantly to your caravan or motorhome roof. Whilst we have users that have done this, we recomend that it is not fixed permanantly and that way you are not causing damage to your roof, voiding any manufacturing warranty and you can take it with you when you change your van in the future. 

The smartbeam™ comes with both a conventional power adapter (and 10m power lead) as well as a 12v cigarette lighter adapter which also connects into the 10m lead.

The smartbeam™ can be powered in a number of different ways: either solely through the satellite cable direct from your TV/set top box or via the 12v/240v power adapters. Call us if you have any questions about your particular setup.

Satgear is the exclusive distributor in the UK for the smartbeam™. It is currently available from or you can call and arrange to visit us at our warehouse in Midhurst to see a live demo of the system.

or call Satgear on 01428 404400

Please feel free to call Satgear on 01428 404400 for friendly advice, as much you need ;)

Pay Nothing For 30 Days

buy now | we deliver | you pay later

You can choose to spread the cost over the next 3 or 4 months INTEREST FREE by choosing the Klarna payment option at the checkout and pay nothing for 30 days. Satgear has partnered with Klarna to help to make your purchase simple and pain free without having to pay a penny for 30 days and a choice to spread the cost over 3 interest free payments...

or call Satgear on 01428 404400