VUESAT smartbeam™ Software Downloads

Updates to the Vuesat smartbeam™ software are released frequently.

There are two essential software updates that should always be considered, 1. the Antenna software and 2 the phone app software.

The latest version of the Antenna software is available from the link below along with instructions for updating.

Also remember to check the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for frequent updates to the app software.

These instructions below are for software installation/updating only. Instructions for using the smartbeam™ are included in the booklet with the smartbeam™ package.


Some recent functions that have been developed for the smartbeam™ phone apps include:

Smooth video stability when viewing on the phone or device

Nudge function for manual use one degree at a time (for advanced users who want to access unique satellites)

Linking the nudge function to the re-calibration feature and more simple calibration method (sometimes required after transit)

Signal to phone or TV selection

Antenna bluetooth and wifi connection stability. 


IOS/Android Phone App Software

Look out for this app icon in those app stores and google Playstore for latest downloads.


smartbeam™ Antenna Software

The latest version of the antenna software is V0130. Note that if you have version V0113 or above, you will not need to use the update cable anymore and new Smartbeams do not come with an update cable. Now, all updates to the smartbeam™ are done over wifi via the App menu.

Update Instructions Over Wifi:
1. Simply select the menu button in the App and select 'Download antenna software'.
2. Then on the next screen, enter your Wifi code and wifi password. These would be the router access details that you use for your broadband connection.
3. Wait as the software downloads to your phone and then uploads and installs to the antenna. This is an automatic process and displays the progress on your phone screen.
4. Once complete, restart the phone and the smartbeam™. (Do not restart until complete).


Laptop Software

Watching streamed TV on your laptop from the smartbeam™ antenna currently requires the use of a free to use third party streaming application called VLC which needs to be installed onto your laptop (install from the USB stick included with the smartbeam™). Instructions on how to watch TV on your Laptop are outlined in the smartbeam™ instruction manual. It is a very simple process to setup.

Install the VLC player on your laptop using the software installation file on the USB memory stick included in the kit.

Other interesting technicalities that you don't need to know :)

You might be interested to know that the connectivity between the smartbeam™ and the phone happens in this way:
The phone connects to the smartbeam™ via Bluetooth when you first connect. ie. switch on the antenna first (connect the power plug) and wait for it to activate then launch the phone app. You might need to 'allow new connections' in your phone bluetooth settings so the phone can communicate with the smartbeam™. This is how the phone and smartbeam™ communicate. The app will tell you this if needed. Then if you want to watch TV on your phone as opposed to your TV, that happens by a wifi stream from the smartbeam™to the phone. In this case a wifi connection is established between the two devices via your phone's personal hotspot.

Note that an 'Internet' connection is NOT needed but you will need to enable your phone's personal hotspot. (All very simple and explained in the instruction booklet). Or if you simply want to use your TV then this setting is not required.