Vuesat smartbeam™ Automatic Satellite Dish System with Mobile Phone Control and 'in app' Live TV Viewing

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Product Highlights

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  • Fully automatic self seeking satellite tv system controlled by your mobile phone app
  • Instant setup - no need to install a control box
  • Watch Live TV in any of your living spaces either 'in App' or on your TV
  • The Internet is not required, Watch Live TV anywhere
  • Built in twin tuner - watch Live TV on two separate TV's simultaneously and on different channels or use with a Sky+ receiver
  • Only one cable required to be attached to the antenna, satellite cable OR mains power (see note in the 'power' tab in the description below)
  • Optional cable kit included enabling windows/doors to be closed

Some Simple and Unique Benefits

The smartbeam™ is a groundbreaking automatic satellite kit with a difference, there is no other product like this available today.

Do you experience these frustrations?

      • Wish you could setup your TV signal in record time? ie. seconds rather than ??? (sometimes never).
      • How frustrating is it when you just can't tune in your TV or when it seems to take forever to get that signal when you are in a location in the middle of nowhere?
      • Would you like to be able to watch TV anywhere in your van besides your living space eg, in bed or in your awning without the need for more wires and another TV?
      • Or, maybe you actually have a good Internet signal but you are using excessive data trying to stream TV via your phone?

Why do you need the smartbeam™

Here's just a few of the amazing benefits of the smartbeam™ that our customers experience - which bring solutions to the above problems...

There's nothing to wire in. No control box required. The smartbeam™ is controlled within the app on your phone (downloadable from the app store for both Android and Iphones). Simply select the Astra 2 satellite (for UK channels) and press the Go button, within seconds, the smartbeam is lined up with the satellite. Hey presto, you have a picture.

Watch Live TV not only on your TV but on your phone, tablet and laptop devices too! Now you can watch TV anywhere, in or around your van.

If you are lucky enough to be in a location where you can get a signal through your terrestrial aerial, you've still got to scan in the channels each and every time you move to a new location. With the smartbeam™, that is a thing of the past. There is no scanning to be done. Connect and watch.

If you are in a remote location where there is no TV connectivity via either your terrestrial aerial or a good 3/4/5g connection, it matters not. Get a much sharper clearer constant picture from the satellite through the smartbeam™.


The antenna measures 50cm across and is equivalent to a zone 2 satellite dish which means that it can be used to receive UK satellite not only throughout the UK including the Highlands but also throughout Ireland, Northern France and the Benelux countries.

As well as Astra 2, the antenna is also configured to view channels from Hotbird and Astra 1 of which there are a number of English speaking channels which can be viewed throughout Europe.


Whatever the weather, the smartbeam™ won't let you down. It's not only waterproof but made from the strongest components including all metal gearing. This means there are no plastic gears to strip and fail - unlike many reports of other automatic antennas with that very problem causing failure and disappointment.

The Kit Includes:

  • Robust Automatic Vuesat SmartBEAM­™ Antenna (width: 50cm; weight: 7kg)
  • Integrated wifi decoder/sender
  • 10m Power cable
  • 10m Satellite cable (use with your own receiver if required)
  • Extendable feet for raising off the ground
  • Very strong padded case
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • 2 year Warranty
  • 12v satellite cable can be supplied upon request
  • Small pocket compass

The Setup

Being fully waterproof, simply position the antenna in any location that is convenient for you, maybe on your motorhome roof, on a table top or somewhere on the ground facing south.

At the push of a button, in 30 seconds you'll be on the peak signal and watching full UK TV.

Watching TV Channels on Your TV

The kit has twin LNB connections as well as a built in HD wifi decoder for sending the TV signal to all your devices. Select the next tab to learn more about watching Live TV on your own phone, laptop or tablet device.

Of course, if you want to connect the smartbeam™ to your current TV or receiver, then no problem - there is a satellite cable provided which simply connects to your TV in the normal way. Also perfect for watching Sky TV with your Sky+ box. Just let us know if this is your plan and we'll add a twin cable into the package free of charge.

If your TV has a Freeview decoder built in rather than a Freesat or satellite tuner, then you'll need to purchase an external receiver box. Talk to us and we'll be able to point you in the right direction but here is a good place to start. Satgear's receiver set top boxes are all pretuned and ready to go for 230+ UK channels.

Watching TV Channels on your IOS/Android/Laptop Device

There are two ways to watch TV on your Iphone, Ipad, Android, Tablet or Laptop device when using the smartbeam™. With 230 UK channels (TV and Radio). These are carefully selected from the Astra 2 satellite and presented on your device with all Freesat channels plus many more HD channels than those available on Freesat alone.

The first and the simplest method to stream the TV signal from the smartbeam™ antenna to a phone/tablet/laptop is via a signal boosting device (read about the booster below) which is fully pre-configured. It's an easy setup process with step by step instructions provided. This booster is included with the smartbeam™ plus and comes ready to use.

The second streaming method from the smartbeam™ to your device doesn't require any additional wifi equipment. It relies on the built in wifi capabilities of the smartbeam™ and phone device. There is an additional step to take in setting up the streaming process - done by creating a personal wi-fi hotspot on the user's smartphone so that TV channels can be streamed from the smartbeam to the phone/tablet or laptop.

Neither of the methods above use the Internet in any way so phone data usage is never an issue of concern.

Do I need the booster?

Firstly, If you are simply intending to use the smartbeam™ with your TV then you do not need this device but it can be a nice option if you want the convenience of watching TV in your awning or another space where you don't have a TV. 

The booster is designed especially to be used for 'steel walled' motorhome users who might otherwise struggle to stream the TV signal from the smartbeam™ outside, to a phone or laptop device situated inside of the 'van'. (This does not affect the ability to watch conventional satellite TV with the smartbeam™ system). It is designed to aid connectivity between the antenna and the phone/ipad or laptop device when streaming TV between the smartbeam™ and the device.

The booster is preconfigured. So no configuration is required to get up and running. Whilst the booster is not necessary for beaming TV signals from the smartbeam™ to your device, it is beneficial for 3 reasons:

- First, it enables TV to be watched inside a steel walled van by boosting the video stream from the smartbeam™.

- Second, it makes the streaming process simple without the need to setup a personal hotspot on your phone.

- Third, the connection process is the same for any phone/tablet/laptop whether IOS, Android or Microsoft.

Connecting Technologies

Whilst we do not need to know the technicalities, you might like to know how the smartbeam™ communicates with your devices and for what purposes.

Controlling the Antenna

The smartbeam™ is controlled via a phone app, either Android or Iphone, it works with both. When the smartbeam™ is plugged in it initialises and connects to your phone via bluetooth. The pairing takes place automatically as soon as the app is launched on the phone. You do not need to go through a 'pairing' process. It is SMART.

Watching channels on your own TV

Connection to your own TV is made via a satellite cable connected from the smartbeam™to your TV - and with it's twin connection capability, the smartbeam can even connect to your Sky+HD box. If you need a twin cable, just let us know and we'll supply it free of charge.

Watching channels on your device

A WiFi connection is established between your device and the smartbeam™ when you want to watch Live TV streamed from the antenna to your device (phone/tablet/Laptop). Whilst the smartbeam™ uses it's internal wifi system to communicate with your phone, it does not require an external Internet connection to stream the TV channels to your device. It is done via a simple hotspot connection or via an external wifi booster/router (go to the 'watching TV on a device' tab for more information).

So in a nutshell, the phone gives instructions to the smartbeam™ via bluetooth. The smartbeam™ sends the satellite signal to your TV via the satellite cable. Plus the smartbeam™ sends and streams the satellite signal to your phone/tablet and laptop for TV viewing via WiFi. Simples !

Powering Up

The smartbeam™ comes with both a conventional 10m power lead with power adapter as well as a 10m satellite cable with sealed f-connectors.

As mentioned in the Highlights above, the smartbeam™ can be powered in 2 different ways: either solely through the satellite cable or via the power adapter. Note that there are some limitations with the satellite cable power option. If you want to power it via the satellite cable direct from a TV or satellite box,  speak to us first so that we can advise you according to your own equipment to determine if your system will support this. Worse case scenario - we can supply you with one of our boxes that will operate the smartbeam™ via the satellite cable alone without the need for connecting the mains cable.  Our set top boxes are preset and ready to go for all UK channels before being dispatched to you.  

Or simply add the standard smartbeam™ power cable.

Software Updates

Updates to the smartbeam™ software are released frequently and accessible from this page:

smartbeam™ Software Updates

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