Vuesat Smartbeam Plus Automatic Satellite Dish System with Mobile Phone Control and in app Live TV Viewing - plus Wifi Booster

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Product Highlights

  • Instant setup
  • No wiring required in your caravan
  • Instantly watch Live TV in any of your living spaces
  • TV and/or receiver not required
  • With the built in twin tuner - watch Live TV on two separate TV's both on different channels at the same time OR watch one channel on your TV and watch a different channel on your phone/tablet simultaneously
  • The SmartBEAM can be powered in 2 ways both of which only require a single cable connection. For watching on TV, use satellite cable only. OR for watching TV on your app, use the power cable independently. The simplest of setups. both types of cable are specially created so that you can feed either through a window or door and close shut
  • SmartBEAM Plus includes pre-configured built-in mini Wifi router for boosted wifi and easier mobile connectivity when watching TV on your phone or other device

Automatic satellite kit that doesn't need a control box or a receiver! Uniquely patented, there is no other product like this available today. There's nothing to wire in and you can now watch Live TV not only on your TV but on your phone and tablet devices too! (*see note below).

This kit is incredibly versatile and ready to go without any setup - all you need to do is download the controller app on your phone. 

The Setup

Being fully waterproof, simply position the antenna in any location that is convenient for you, maybe on your motorhome roof, on a table top or somewhere on the ground facing South.

At the push of a button, In 30 seconds you'll be on the peak signal and watching full UK TV.

Watching TV Channels on Your TV

The kit has twin LNB connections as well as a built in HD wifi decoder for sending the TV signal to all your devices. So now, you can watch TV not only on your TV but also on your phone and tablet (*see note below for Laptops). It's a case of simply downloading the app to your device from the app store and settling down in your caravan or motorhome to watch your favourite TV show live. 

With 230 UK channels (TV and Radio). These are carefully selected from the Astra 2 satellite and presented on your device with all Freesat channels plus many more HD channels than those available on Freesat alone.

Of course, if you want to connect the antenna to your current TV or receiver, then no problem - just plug the sat cable provided into the SmartBEAM and you are ready to watch in the normal way with your own TV. Also perfect for watching Sky TV with your Sky+ box.


The Antenna measures 50cm across and is Equivalent to a zone 2 satellite dish which means that it can be used to receive UK satellite not only throughout the UK including the Highlands but also throughout Ireland, Northern France and the Benelux countries.

As well as Astra 2, the antenna is also configured to view channels from Hotbird and Astra 1 of which there are a number of English speaking channels which can be viewed throughout Europe.

The kit includes:

  • Robust Automatic Antenna (width: 50cm; weight: 7kg)
  • Integrated wifi decoder/sender
  • 10m Power cable
  • 10m Satellite cable (use with your own receiver if required)
  • extendable feet for raising off the ground
  • Very strong padded case
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • 12v satellite cable can be supplied upon request

* note that channel switching and antenna control for the laptop Live TV function featured in the promotional video is controlled with a phone/tablet device and is now available. 

Watching TV Channels on your IOS/Android/Laptop Device

There are two ways to watch TV on your Iphone, Ipad, Android, Tablet or Laptop device when using the SmartBEAM.

The first and the simplest method to stream the TV signal from the SmartBEAM antenna to a phone/tablet/laptop is via a Mini Wifi Device (see images in the product item description by clicking the 'Order' button) which is pre-configured and supplied separately as an additional extra to this kit. It's an easy setup process with step by step instructions provided.

The optional mini wifi router is small and discreet, designed especially for 'steel walled' motorhome users who might otherwise struggle to stream the TV wifi signal from the antenna outside, to the users phone or laptop device situated inside of the 'van'. (this technicality does not affect the ability to watch conventional satellite TV with the SmartBEAM system.

This method is ideal for 3 reasons: First, it enables TV to be watched inside a steel walled van. Second, it strengthens the wifi signal for video streaming. Third, the connection process is the same for any phone/tablet/laptop whether IOS, Android or Microsoft.

The second TV wifi streaming method doesn't require any additional wifi equipment. It relies on the built in wifi capabilities of the SmartBEAM and phone device. There is an additional step to take in setting up the streaming process - done by creating a personal wi-fi hotspot on the user's smartphone so that TV can be streamed from the antenna to the phone/tablet or laptop. Neither of these methods use the Internet in any way so phone data usage is never an issue of concern.

If you would like any further information before you purchase this patented groundbreaking system, please feel free to contact Satgear via the support links on the site or why not call us ! We look forward to helping you with any questions you have.

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