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Which Kit should I buy?

How do I know which kit to buy?

The following questions should point you in the right direction:

These first questions will tackle a Home Fixed Installation Kit setup.


Do you want to watch UK TV Channels

If you want to watch non UK channels from the UK then you may need a larger dish than a standard zone 1 sky dish. EG a 60cm dish would be fine for watching Polsat on the Eutelsat Hotbird satellite in most of mainland UK. A good starting point would be HERE for 60 cm kits and HERE for 80cm kits.


You may want to watch UK and European channels through your single TV setup.

If that's the case then you'll probably need a motorised kit which can automatically move the dish to the correct satellite for the channel that you want to watch. It will move as you choose the channel that you want to view with your remote. If you want to continue using your sky box then you'll just need to buy the dish kit without a receiver.


If you do not have a sky receiver then you'll need one along with your dish kit

We sell kits which include receivers HERE. These receivers are commonly known as Free To Air (FTA) which means that you can receive all channels which are not subscription channels (such as sky only channels). There are hundreds of channels available including all those available on Freesat and all the main channels. Freesat receivers are a little bit different to FTA receivers. They have less channels available than FTA receivers but the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is more neatly presented on the screen when you are choosing which channel to watch. Otherwise FTA receivers are ideal particularly, if you want as many channels as possible. FTA receivers can receive signals from any satellite so long as the dish is pointing to it whereas Freesat receivers can only receive the UK Freesat channels which are broadcast on the Astra 2 satellites.


The next thing to consider is dish size.

If you are England and Wales, then a zone 1 dish will suffice. These are dishes up to around 50 cm in diameter. For Ireland and Scotland you should opt for the larger Zone 2 dishes, commonly 54cm and upwards.
A note on Dish sizes: our Satgear dishes are oval in shape with the largest diameter running from top to bottom. These are advantageous of the sky eliptical dishes because the sky dishes are oval in the wrong direction! They've done this for cosmetic reasons. Satellite signals strike the dish from above so the dish is viewed by the satellite dish to be circular rather than oval. So the effective dish size is based on the diameter of a perfect circle that could be drawn on the face of the dish. So if the dish is wider than it is high then the effective dish size is it's height. If higher than it is wide, then the effective dish size is it's width.


If you are On The Move wanting to view UK TV

You'll need to consider the following when considering a portable dish kit setup. All of the above comments apply with some further consideration.


Firstly are you going to be travelling outside the UK?

If so then you'll need to consider where you going. Essentially, the further away from the UK the larger the dish size required. Read below if you are staying in the UK. If you are travelling over to France but not further, then a 60 cm dish kit will suffice unless travelling to Southern France. If that's the case then step your dish size up to 80 cm which will take you into northern Spain. Travelling further still is hit and miss in terms of receiving a signal on an 80 cm dish. So you'll need a larger dish size which we can supply for you to order but we don't stock them off the shelf.

If you are staying in the UK or travelling over to the west/north coast of France then a 54 cm dish kit is ideal with a few exceptions, eg if you are travelling up to the Highliands then a 65cm is a safer bet to pull in a ful signal for all uk channels. both the 54 and the 65 cm kits are nice and easy to transport and will pull in a perfect signal.


You might want a hastle free installation procedure... you can spend your time watching the TV rather than fiddling trying to find the right satellite when you are aligning your dish. There are a lot of satellites up there :( A satfinder meter can only help you so far. It will tell you when you are pointing at A satellite but not THE satellite (Astra 2). You'll get the hang of it eventualy the more times you set it up but a more simple option is to go for EASYFIND. Find out more. Without an Easyfind system, a satfinder is essential. It's not like aligning a TV aerial. Finding a satellite is more like finding a needle in haystack without a satfinder. Here's an ideal portable kit for use in the UK and is ideal for use with your sky receiver box. For other options take a look here.


If you need further advice feel free to contact us